The most formal dress for a formal event is formal dress.

If you’re coming for the wedding or your partner’s birthday, consider a dress with a more formal fit.

You can even opt for formal accessories like an umbrella, earrings, and/or a pair of high heels for an extra touch of style.

For casual events, there are more casual styles like slacks, jeans, shirts, and ties.

You also may want to consider a tuxedo if you’re in town for a business meeting or a reception.

You should always wear a tie, whether formal or casual.

Keep it simple with a simple blazer or a casual shirt.

When you go out for dinner or a party, wear a jacket or sweater with the most basic accessories.

If your event is more formal, consider incorporating some of the more elaborate accessories, like a bow tie or a bow ornaments.

For more formal events, such as a wedding, consider adding a flower crown and a veil, and you may want a white wedding dress with white flowers.

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