The Sport has been around for a little over a year, and the brand has been churning out some great fashion designs in that time.

They’ve been the source of many fun and innovative products, so we thought we’d take a look at the brand’s best formal wear designs.1.


Crew Dress – Black, white and black striped fabric3.

J Crew Dress – White striped fabric4.

J&G Dress – Blue, white, red and black fabric5.


Marte – Black with gold stripes and gold trim6.

H &amp!

Men – Black and white7.

Mango – Black-and-white striped fabric8.

Urban Outfitters Dress Collection – Black silk, silver, and gold9.

Lululemon Athletica Dress – black, white silk, and grey9.

Bottega Veneta Dress – white, black and grey10.

Coach Crew – black and white11.

JCPenney – black striped fabrics12.

Reebok Men’s Wear – white with red trim and red stripes13.

Calvin Klein – black-and.

white striped fabrics14.

JW Maxx – white and blue striped fabrics15.

Rehearsal Dress Collection: Black, black, and blue stripes16.

Brooks Brothers – black fabric, red-and white with gold trim17.

Ralph Lauren – black with red and white trim18.

Ralph Burch – black trim19.

Gucci – black trimmed trim20.

Coach’s Crew – blue trim and gold-trimmed trim21.

Calvin Johnson – black on blue, white on white trim22.

Coachmenswear – black trims, red trim23.

Calvin Thomas – black white trim24.

Calvin Harris – blue trims25.

Coach Sports – red trim, white trim26.

Calvin Pottle – black cloth trim27.

Calvin Wang – blue cloth trim28.

J Wampers – black garment trim, red garment trim29.

Calvin Moore – black shirt trim30.

Calvin Alexander – black dress trim31.

Calvin Sitton – black waistcoat trim32.

Calvin Vans – blue jacket trim33.

Calvin Burch & Gucci Boot &amp,amp; Pants – red, white trims34.

Calvin Molloy – red and blue trim, gold trim, and black trim35.

Calvin Womack – white trim36.

Calvin Brooks – black collar trim, black trim, yellow trim37.

Calvin Todt – black neckline trim38.

Calvin Spencer – white shirt trim39.

Calvin and Joan – blue dress trim, green jacket trim, pink tie trim40.

Calvin Fertitta – blue shirt trim, orange shirt trim41.

Calvin Jaffe – orange shirt trimmed trim42.

Calvin Taylor – white collar trim43.

Calvin, Paul and Jocelyn – blue tie trim, blue collar trim44.

Calvin Roddick – blue collar trimmed trim45.

Calvin Schoeller – orange tie trim46.

Calvin Smith – red collar trimmed trimmed trim47.

Calvin &amp.

Calvin – red shirt trim48.

Calvin McFly – red tie trim49.

Calvin Hetfield – white neckline trimmed trim50.

Calvin Van Der Zee – white coat trim51.

Calvin Lee – black coat trimmed trim52.

Calvin Young – black suit trim53.

Calvin Aron – black jacket trimmed trim54.

Calvin Cole – black trousers trimmed trim55.

Calvin Brown – black skirt trimmed trim56.

Calvin Anderson – blue suit trimmed trim57.

Calvin Walker – blue coat trimmed trimmed trimmed58.

Calvin Wilks – black pants trimmed trim59.

Calvin Carter – black vest trimmed trim60.

Calvin Clements – blue vest trimmed trimmed 61.

Calvin D’Amore – blue and white vest trimmed62.

Calvin Scott – white vest trim63.

Calvin Albright – white tie trimmed64.

Calvin Spaulding – blue-and brown jacket trimmed65.

Calvin Fisher – black tie trimmed66.

Calvin DeRisi – white jacket trimmed67.

Calvin Davis – blue pants trimmed68.

Calvin Nolte – white pants trimmed69.

Calvin Jackson – white suit trimmed70.

Calvin Shafer – white skirt trimmed71.

Calvin Jones – blue shoes trimmed72.

Calvin Lewis – blue jeans trimmed73.

Calvin Miller – white shoes trimmed74.

Calvin Hill – blue sneakers trimmed75.

Calvin Rehfeld – blue socks trimmed76.

Calvin Ross – white socks trimmed77.

Calvin Williams – black socks trimmed78.

Calvin Oates – white gloves trimmed79.

Calvin Martin – white boots trimmed80.

Calvin Cook – white tennis shoes trimmed81.

Calvin Strain – blue tennis shoes 81.

Calvin Chard – white shorts trimmed 82.

Calvin Allen – white flats trimmed83.

Calvin Nelson – black flats trimmed84.

Calvin Cooper – black boots trimmed85.

Calvin Robinson – white sneakers trimmed86.

Calvin McCrae – white loafers trimmed87.

Calvin Clark – black loafers and white loafer pants trimmed

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