Nordstrom announced its formal dress code changes today, including new, more casual dress codes for all its stores and online.

The updated code will see all Nordstrom locations with over 10 employees and 100 stores in the U.S. go through an online “dress and style assessment” process.

The formal dresscode changes will apply to all staff and 100,000 associates in all of the store’s stores and 800,000 online stores.

The code will also apply to Nordstrom online stores and in-store shopping.

Nordstrom said in a statement that all its store employees and associates will receive a personalized formal dress assessment online, and that they will be notified of the changes at their regular times.

The code changes also apply at stores with 100,001 employees or more.

The new code applies to both the online and store locations.

The change comes just a week after Nordstrom’s chief executive officer, Richard Branson, told the New York Times that “we need to make our stores more welcoming for everyone” in order to “make the most of our employees and our associates.”

The company has been working on its formal and casual dress code updates for several months, and is currently the fourth-largest apparel retailer in the world.

Branson said at the time that he hopes the changes will “make our stores even more welcoming and more accessible.”

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