Business Insider/Marissa Moseley How to Dress Your Office for Office Parties: A Guide is a free guide that helps you choose the right outfit for the office party.

It also features tips on how to dress up for the occasion.

Read More for more ideas for the best office party attire.

The advice is all about keeping the office clean and looking classy.

“It’s important to keep your office tidy, but it’s also important to dress appropriately.

If you want to be the best party-goers, then you need to look and feel like the party’s the main attraction.

So, if you want a stylish office party, you want something that’s stylish and you want it to be casual,” Marissa Maseley, the lead designer at Marissa’s, told Business Insider.

In other words, look for the right pieces that will keep the party going and keep your party guests satisfied.

“When you’re going to the office, make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the event, like casual pants, shorts, and a tie.

A shirt with the right colors, the right prints, and the right shirt is important, because you want everyone to have fun and have fun together,” she said.

If you’re looking for a dress code that’s less formal, then the team at Marisa’s also suggested a dress that goes with the mood of the occasion: dress it up for a formal or a casual evening.

For a casual office party it might be a nice dress that has a collar, a short skirt, and maybe a shirt that shows off your shoulders.

For an event like a wedding, you might want to keep it casual and a little more formal.

“For a wedding party, I like to go with something that you’re already familiar with and it doesn’t have anything that’s very formal,” Masell said.

You can also take the casual to a more formal end with some of MarissaMaseley’s tips.

“There’s a certain amount of casual wear that you have to be comfortable in to be able to wear a suit, and you need a tie,” she explained.

Another tip that she mentioned is that if you’re coming in on a Saturday, be sure to wear the formal dress that suits you the most, and be able wear a tie for when you need it.

“Make sure that you don’t have a tie that you want people to look at in the office,” she added.

This is a must-have for office partygoers, as it’ll keep the parties going even if you don´t have any formal attire on.

Marissa suggests looking for something that doesn’t really have too much formal details, like an office jacket, or a jacket that’s long enough that you can keep it clean and simple.

You also can’t go wrong with a formal shirt and a nice pair of shoes.

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