I’ve always been a big fan of formal ball gowns, and when I was a freshman at UC Davis I was introduced to the style when I attended the annual Fall Ball.

But I’m now an old-school ball girl who knows that you can’t just dress like you’re on a family vacation.

That said, there are some formal ball rules to be obeyed and you should at least consider your options when shopping.

The first rule of formal gowns is that the dress should be tailored and fit properly.

For instance, the wedding dress I wear is a very fitted and minimalist version that I have worn many times at weddings.

It’s a great option for a date night, but if you’re looking for something that fits a more formal feel, consider a dress that has a bit more leg and body.

Also, if the ball dress is too long, you’ll want to consider a smaller ball gown.

The shorter the ball gown, the more space you’ll have to work with.

A smaller ball dress can easily stretch to accommodate a large wedding and can be tailored to fit most women.

Another rule of dress to consider is the color.

You can usually find formal ball bridesmaids at different lengths depending on the color of the dress they are wearing.

White and gray are perfect for a bridal ball, while black and silver are great for a casual evening.

The dress also should have a fitted bodice, which is what most of us want.

Finally, you should consider the quality of the fabric.

You want to avoid the softer fabrics, such as silk, as well as the heavier materials, such in suede, leather, or linen.

You also want to wear something that will help create a comfortable, flowing, and flattering silhouette.

I like to go with a high-quality silk bridal gown, as this gives a good, flattering silhouette and helps to make the wedding more unique.

For more ideas for formal ball duds, check out the list below:

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