Dresses are all the rage these days.

From the chic black-and-white cocktail dresses to the elegant black gowns and blazers, dressmakers are now creating formal evening dresses to go with the formal dinner, according to a post by The Modern Bride.

This trend is great for both women and men who want to show off their style while getting ready for a dinner party.

A dress for a casual evening can go from $350 to $800, while a dress for the formal setting can run from $500 to $2,000.

Dressmakers are also starting to incorporate formal evening accessories into their designs, including jewelry, necklaces, earrings, and even necklacing.

For a wedding dress, you can expect to pay between $600 and $2.5,000, and a formal evening gown can go up to $1,400.

And as with formal evening wear, the style of the dress has a lot to do with the type of room you’re planning to host the event.

The Modern Bachelorette shared the most popular formal evening wedding dress designs, with the most common options being a formal dress with a simple tulle bodice, a formal frock, or a formal white blouse.

A white blazer can also be worn as an evening gown.

“White blazered brides wear a white blazier, which is an elegant style,” wrote The Modern Groom, adding, “It’s a perfect choice for a mid-winter evening wedding, but can also work for a bridal party.”

Here are some of the most interesting formal evening and formal evening party dresses to look for in 2018.

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