Caterers and chefs are expected to follow strict rules when it comes to dress codes, as the first time ever.

According to a recent survey by the Centre for Food Safety, more than a quarter of respondents (27 per cent) said they were unsure if their attire is appropriate for formal dinner occasions.

“The issue of dress codes in India is the main cause for many problems like the rise in casual dress and the rising number of suicides, says R.K. Srivastava, CEO, Food Safety India.”

A casual dress code is often not enforced due to fear of being labelled as unprofessional or unprofessionalising.

And this makes it difficult for people to achieve the social acceptance they need,” he says.

The report, titled ‘Caterers, diners, dinetteers’ , also said that only 18 per cent of respondents said they had noticed an increase in their personal hygiene in recent months.”

While there are a number of factors contributing to the increase in personal hygiene, it is likely that one of the most significant causes is the rising trend of social media,” says Srivartava.

The survey also highlighted that a third of respondents had been involved in an incident of discrimination during the last year.”

Of the respondents who have been affected, 37 per cent said they have experienced some form of harassment, harassment or discrimination.

This figure has risen from 18 per 100 respondents in 2011,” says the report.”

Most of these incidents were against people in their workplace, which is not uncommon in a small, non-competitive industry,” says M. K. Pandey, managing director, food safety, Nestle India.

We are trying to address the issue in a holistic manner. “

It is important to note that these are just some of the issues we are facing.

We are trying to address the issue in a holistic manner.

It is important that restaurants take an active role in promoting their own brands,” says Sanjeev Dhar, president, Restaurants Association of India.

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