In her first formal appearance on the red carpet, French fashion designer Christian Dior showed off her sophisticated style in a black dress with a white trim.

She showed off a smart style of dark colours and bright prints in an elegant and refined way, with a crisp white shirt, white trousers and a white blazer.

Dior wore the dress to the GQ fashion show in Cannes on Monday.

The show was held at the Hotel De Saint-Germain in the seaside resort.

On the red-turtleneck event, Dior said the dress was “unlikely” to be seen by many.

Dori has been wearing a white coat, a grey suit and black shoes for several months to attend the Goyette gala, an annual fashion show, which is held every four years.

Dorsa, who is from the Ivory Coast, said the event was a chance to “show that it is possible to be an African and to have a taste of fashion in France”.

“It is an event that encourages people to express themselves and it gives them the opportunity to express who they are,” she said.

Doris, who has worked in the fashion industry for more than 30 years, has become the first African-born designer to represent the country at the Goya museum in Paris.

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