Macy’s announced the full details of its new seasonal formal dress code on Wednesday, including discounts for men and women.

The store also announced the store’s newest summer formal dress, and a special event-specific summer formal gown, in its latest quarterly earnings report.

The new codes will be available starting on May 31 and go through July 1.

In total, Macy and Nordstrom will offer full discounts of up to 50% on all their new summer formal and casual dresses, according to the retailer.

The retailer said that it will be offering a special discount on men’s formal dresses from May 1 to July 31, and on women’s formal gowns from May 31 to July 4.

The official announcement follows Macy’s announcement last week that it was increasing its summer formal collection from $40 to $100, a significant shift for the fashion retailer.

In addition to the official announcement, Macy said it would also be offering additional discounts on its new summer dress styles on the same day.

Macy’s is the latest brand to follow the trend of cutting its summer collection, which traditionally includes dresses with bows and ribbons, from $70 to $50.

The brand also recently rolled out a “Bare-to-the-Foot” style that it said will be on sale through July.

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