The star dress formal dress is a formal dress that is worn by military personnel on official occasions.

It is worn for military receptions, formal parties and formal meetings, with the military saying that its purpose is to show respect for military rank.

It is also worn by the Royal Australian Air Force, which is the armed forces most senior officer’s dress and the official military dress for Australia.

However, a new report by the ABC’s The World Today suggests that in recent years, military officers and senior military figures have been opting for less formal dress.

This new research found that from 2007 to 2017, the number of formal dress officers fell by a third in number, and by 10 per cent in rank.

The ABC’s report also found that more than half of all senior military leaders in Australia were now opting for casual formal dress instead of a star dress.

The study also found more than 20 per cent of all military staff had adopted casual dress since the beginning of the decade.

“What this study has shown is that formal dress for senior military personnel in Australia has fallen, and the proportion of senior military officers who are opting for formal dress has fallen,” Professor George Williams, the report’s author, said.

The military also acknowledged that its dress is becoming more informal and casual as it tries to accommodate the growing number of recruits, but stressed that it is the only uniform it wears.

“It is the most important uniform in Australia,” Commander Greg Smith said.

“We wear a lot of it, and we wear it for all sorts of reasons.”

A navy and grey dress formal, but formal in the way it was designed, is seen in a photo.

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