Cato formal dress is a formal wear style popularized by Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbani.

The dress is worn by professional athletes, celebrities, and entertainers as well as by many of today’s most popular models, including Kylie Jenner.

The style’s popularity has been so strong that it has even spawned its own line of designer catos, which are a formal dress made of cotton, linen, and suede, and which typically feature a bow tie.

A few years ago, designers began offering a new version of cato called “fior di cato,” which is loosely translated as “faux formal.”

But the most common formal dress in the world today is the shein dress, which is a dress with a simple pattern and a long neckline.

The shein is a traditional Italian dress, often worn by a woman of the upper classes.

According to fashion magazine Glamour, “the shein has its roots in the French court, where the women wore it to play cards.

The French, who invented it in the mid-19th century, still use it today, but in the United States, the sheen dress is more common.”

This style is typically made of a traditional French or Italian silk fabric and has a length of about 8 to 10 inches.

In the past, the American version of this dress has been the classic dress called a blouse, but the American sheen is now catching on, too.

In addition to being a fashionable dress for professional athletes and celebs, the cato is also a fashion statement.

In a recent article for Vogue, model Jessica Wild told Vogue that she loves the sheens, which she said are “more refined than the sheins.”

It’s a trend that continues to grow, too, and is expected to grow more in the future.

“The trend is a little bit of a bit of an upswing, but I think it will grow in the next few years, and then the trend will become mainstream,” Wild told the magazine.

“I feel like this is the time to really try something new, like an avant-garde dress, and be more sophisticated.”

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