Children’s formal dress is now on the back-burner, and a new campaign aims to get children to stop wearing it.

The organization Kids Donate Formal Dress (KDF) is offering a series of lessons and activities aimed at getting kids to start wearing formal dresses.

The first lesson will be for children who have never worn formal dress before.

The next lesson will help them to take the formal dress off their shoulders and onto their hips.

The third lesson will encourage them to wear the formal gown on the dance floor.

The fourth lesson will teach them to put on the formal shirt and dress.

The fifth lesson will focus on taking off the formal hat, revealing their bare chest, and removing the gown.

The sixth lesson will show them how to put their shoes on, and the seventh lesson will get them to remove their shoes.KDF said it is hoping the lessons and exercises will encourage kids to wear their formal dresses at home, but they also hope it will help the group reach out to people who might be reluctant to get dressed.

Kids don’t have to be old or wear formal dress to wear a formal dress.

They just need to be comfortable with wearing formal dress, said Kristin McDonough, a KDF co-founder and executive director.

The group also hopes that the lessons will encourage parents to help their kids wear formal gowns at home as well.

“It is so important that we encourage kids in their own homes to take on the responsibilities of dress-up, because it is such a great way for kids to express themselves and to have fun,” McDonow said.

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