Fox News has learned that one of the world’s biggest fashion retailers is rolling out formal dress codes without a single hem.

In an email, the retailer said its dress code does not include a hem, and that its dresses are designed to “provide style and comfort for our customers, not style.”

But that’s not how it looks.

Fox News obtained a copy of the dress code for the Spring/Summer 2018 season and the code says it’s meant to “be used to support the customer’s comfort and look during the season and to encourage a dress that will support their overall look and comfort.”

The dress code is for men, women, and kids.

It also includes the following:The dress, which is meant to be worn during the Spring and Summer seasons, comes in two sizes: A size 6 dress for men and a size 4 dress for women.

It’s available in the same colors, styles, and colors as other styles, but the dresses have a “glitter” effect that is meant for kids.

The company said the dress will be available at its stores across the country, but it has yet to announce which ones.

The company also said it is not releasing the names of stores that will be selling the dress, citing the privacy of the customers.

The dress is also not available in all the major retailers, and not in most of the major department stores, Fox News found.

The retailer says its formal dress code doesn’t include a back seam.

It will be rolled out across the retailer’s network of stores in late June.

It’s unclear whether the dress is part of a wider overhaul of the company’s dress code or if the company has a more specific dress code in mind.

The dress code only applies to formal dresses.

It will be a tough sell, especially as the dress’s price tag is $20.95 for a size 6, a $25.95 size 4, and a $40.95 dress.

It doesn’t specify the length of the hem.

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