T-shirts, hats, and accessories for Next Big fandom can be found here. 

In addition to the t-shirts and accessories found here, there are also some interesting items on sale. 

First up is this t-shirt by artist Nicklefish. 

It features a “The Midsummer Song” logo, which you can read more about here.

There are also two additional t-shirts, a black one and a white one. 

The black t- shirt is $22.99 and the white one is $27.99. 

These items are all available in the Next Big Futures shop and the prices are listed in US dollars. 

We recommend checking the Next Fandom store to see if these items are on sale at your local retailer. 

Nicklefish also has other shirts for sale on his Etsy shop, including this “T-shirt” for $23.99, which is currently selling out. 

Next Big Furry is an Indie game developer and he has been featured in this Forbes article. 

There are also several games coming out this year, including two games on the PS4. 

Stay tuned for more on the Next BIG Futures store and we’ll update you as we learn more about the next wave of games coming to the PSVR.

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