It’s a good question, and one we’re still not quite sure of the answer to.

But with the number of colour combinations on offer from different brands rising, it’s a question that’s sure to come up in conversation.

Here’s what we know about the most influential colours in modern football shirts: Red and white – Red and white is the official colour of Italian football teams, and is used on the back of shirts for the national colours. 

Blue and green – Blue and green are used for the blue side of shirts and the green side for the green, while red and yellow are used on shirts for white and yellow. 

Pink and white – Pink is the officially recognised national colour for the UK and Australia, and it’s used for shirts. 

White and blue – The official colour for footballers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and the colour of the Premier League in England. 

Yellow and red – The national colours of England, Scotland and Wales. 

Black and blue – Black and blue is the Official Football League colour, and was used by the national team for its colours.

It is used for some other teams too, as well. 

Dark blue and yellow – Black and yellow is the National League colours.

It is used in the shirt on the left and the right. 

Green and black – The Official Football Football League colours for the Premier and Championship leagues, which are both part of the British and European Football Leagues.

 Red, white and blue are the official national colours used in all European leagues, including the UEFA Europa League.

This is the most popular of the colours.

Yellow and white are used by all the top Premier League teams. 

There are a few other colours available too, but the two most popular are red and white, which you’ll find in many shirts on sale at football stores. 

The only real issue here is the fact that they are used exclusively for the British Premier League. 

Red shirts have a wider selection of colours than the other options, and in general the lighter reds are more popular. 

And what about the other colours? 

Black is used by some teams for the home kit, and some are also used for away kits. 

As well as that, the colour is also used on a number of different shirts, most notably the shorts and socks worn by some players, and by some other players, for example in the World Cup in 2018. 

This is also the colour used by many of the clubs who have their own home kits, as they use it to create an authentic look. 

Finally, yellow and white shirts are popular for players in the Championship, as the colour also provides a warm, light touch to a kit. 

What are the best football shirts for you?

We’ve put together this guide to help you pick the best of the lot. 

We’ve also put together a comprehensive guide to the best sports t-shirts to buy for your football team. 

Find out more about what football shirts to buy: Find the perfect shirt for your needs: And finally, check out the best t-shirt styles for football fans around the world. 

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