By The Associated Press”It was a very formal and formal dress for the occasion,” said Jennifer Cavanagh, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Embassy in New York.

“We wanted to create something that would feel appropriate, and to add a little bit of color.”

In Canada, the traditional formal dress is made up of a white, lace-up bodice and skirt with lace detailing.

The formal dress comes in two options: white, a more formal and less formal choice, and a yellow formal dress that comes in a variety of colors.

The white version is typically worn by the bride and groom, while the yellow is reserved for the guests of the bride’s friends and relatives.

White formal dresses are generally available in two sizes, which can be chosen at the time of the wedding.

The smaller size, which is typically the size of a dress shirt, has a waist of approximately 3.5 inches.

The smaller size has a skirt length of about 1.5 to 2 inches, while larger ones are typically longer.

Cavanagh said the white dress was more formal than the yellow, which was for a friend’s reception.

The Canadian Embassy declined to identify the friends of the groom’s family.

It did not respond to requests for comment from the AP.

Cavansah said the formal dress was chosen because it would complement the guest’s traditional attire, but it was also meant to create a more casual atmosphere for the couple.

“This dress is a white formal dress and it’s just so casual and light, which we wanted to go for,” she said.

The bride wore a blue floral gown.

The bride’s aunt wore a floral gown and a white blouse.

“It’s just the way I always wanted to dress up in my wedding day, so it’s the most formal, the most casual, and it has a lot of lace,” she told the AP, adding that she chose the dress to be “as casual as possible.”

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