— The final season of The Bachelor is upon us, and that means some fun dress-up for you.

Here’s a look at some of the newest trends to check out during the season.


Formal dresses: The ladies at The Beverly Hills Hotel are in style, too.


A little bit of fun: Miley Cyrus recently took to Instagram to share some fun pictures of her signature dress.


Some new basics: A few outfits from the season premiere, featuring the girls in formal dresses.


The trendier the better: A look from the premiere.


It’s still a little early for a dress for the queen: The dress that crowned the season was a bit of a departure for the girls, but the show has kept them pretty in the past.


The dress looks cool in all its forms: The dress that the queen wore to the finale was a classic look, but this year the look was a little more playful.


Some more formal dresses: We love the look the girls have worn for the season finale.


Some sexy new trends: The style trend of the season has been a little bit sexy in its design and execution, as seen by this stunning red and black gown from The Beverly Hilton.


The royal couple look cool in a dress: There’s no shortage of royal wedding gowns for you to check in on this season.

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