When you’re in the middle of a project or on a deadline, you’re going to want to show off your best work.

But when you’re at home, the opposite is true.

You’re going too often to hide your outfit in a box and forget about how you’re dressed.

Here are some suggestions on how to dress your boss or family or friends with style.


A tailored suit or suit jacket The suit jacket, for those who have a penchant for formal workwear, is a staple.

Its simple, elegant and versatile, with the jacket and pants tucked in to form a suit-like fit.

However, don’t wear a suit jacket without a tie and a hat.

This is the style you want to stick to during the day, while still showing off your work.

Wear a tailored suit jacket for casual occasions, such as a weekend getaway, a lunch date, a work meeting or at a casual office party.

Or, if you’re working from home, wear a loose suit jacket and a pair of formal shoes.


A formal skirt or dress A formal dress is a suit with a skirt and a skirt hem that is paired with a buttoned up dress shirt or tie.

Dress up the skirt with a silk scarf or a bow tie or two.

This type of formal dress can be a perfect complement to a suit, but it also gives your legs a bit more room to breathe.


A cocktail dress Dress up your cocktail dress with a cocktail dress or a casual skirt, both of which have a zipper closure.

These casual styles can be worn to work or for casual social occasions.

If you want a more formal look, pair it with a formal skirt and the same suit jacket.


A suit jacket or dress coat Dress up a suit coat with a suit suit jacket in a tie or collar.

Pair it with trousers or sneakers, or wear a slouchy style with a jacket and trousers.


A casual skirt or coat A casual dress that can be paired with any number of casual clothing, such the chiffon, silk scarf, silk or silk-blend pants, or a long dress.

For more formal occasions, choose a casual suit jacket over a formal suit coat.


A slouch hat or cap A slant hat or a slouched cap can be stylish when worn over a tie.

The hat and cap can make a great pair when worn on a dress day.


A pair of white sneakers or socks A pair or two pairs of white, grey or navy sneakers or flats are a great choice for the casual outfit.

The same applies to socks, but the white, black or brown pair can also be worn as formal wear.


A hat with a white lining A hat that has a white liner is an elegant way to dress formally.

For a more casual look, choose white socks over a white hat.


A tie A tie can be an effective way to show your boss that you’re serious about your work or your job at hand.

For example, wear it with formal shoes or jeans to show that you are serious about completing the job.


A skirt with black or red stripes A skirt or a skirt with red or black stripes is an easy way to add a dash of style to any outfit.

You can even wear it over a suit.


A dress coat and jacket A dress jacket is a formal piece that is a blend of a dress shirt and tie with a belt and tie.

This formal style can be perfect for a weekend trip, a formal office party, or when you are out and about.

A coat is also great when you have guests coming over to see your work, especially at a work event.


A white tee or t-shirt A white t-shirts is a classic for formal occasions.

The tees are paired with white shoes or sneakers.

For formal occasions where you want something a bit formal, a white tee is a great option.


A jacket and jeans You can dress up a white or grey coat or jacket for formal events, including a formal lunch.

Alternatively, a grey and white shirt can be just the right complement for a formal day.


A blazer and trousers A blazers are a stylish and stylish look for formal outings, such a weekend vacation or for a corporate function.


A black and white tee You can wear a black and grey tee for casual outings, or even a black suit with jeans and black shoes for a cocktail event.


A bow tie The bow tie is a simple way to tie your tie and to create a casual tie for a work or work-related occasion.


A grey jacket and shorts A grey coat and shorts are a classic formal outfit, with a grey bow tie.


A belt and buttoned shirt You can pair a belt with a shirt and trousers for a casual evening or formal work day.


A long dress A

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