The Maharashtra government has proposed amendments to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act to make it mandatory for women to wear formal maternity clothes when they visit a public toilet.

The Maharashtra Government has also suggested that the state government should set up a committee to review and approve any amendments to prevent sexual harassment in public places.

A spokesperson for the Maharashtra State Government said that the amendment proposal is being looked at by the Department of Women and Child Development (DWD).

The spokesperson said that it is the duty of the state governments to make sure that laws and policies are being implemented and that the law is being enforced.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has proposed that women who visit a toilet should wear a head covering similar to a veil.

“Women can’t have the same dignity as men.

This is why women should wear the veil to avoid being seen in public,” Fadni said.

This is the third time the Maharashtra Government is trying to impose a law that makes it mandatory to wear a veil in public.

In January this year, the Maharashtra government proposed that it should make it compulsory to wear women’s uniforms in public, even if they are not wearing a head cover.

In March, the state also proposed that the women should also wear a “head covering similar in size to a skirt”.

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