Why are women so damn afraid of their own bodies?

The gender imbalance in the workplace has a long history.It has been around since at least the 1800s.Yet it has only grown more pronounced over the past decades.The rise of gender inequality in the workforce has been an issue for decades.In the 1970s, women comprised only a third of US federal workers.Today, it is more than two-thirds.The gender imbalance is […]

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How to dress as a girl in a formal homecoming dress

A dress you’ll be glad you picked out.The dress you wore at your homecoming.Your parents may have made you look like a girl.Or maybe they just want you to look good.Or you might just want to make yourself feel a little more at home.And in the grand scheme of things, this is what is going to do the trick.We’ve all […]

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Trump campaign: I’m not going to go to Florida for the Democratic convention

President Donald Trump’s campaign said Monday it would not be attending the Democratic National Convention this summer in Florida because of the state’s strict gun laws.Trump’s campaign issued a statement Monday saying it was canceling its campaign bus tour to Florida.It also said it was postponing its Florida fundraising event with Republican Gov.Rick Scott.The campaign said in a statement that […]

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