Canadian business leaders are trying to keep their focus on the basics

In a country that prides itself on its abundance of cheap, comfortable goods, some business leaders have been forced to look to basics to boost sales.“It’s definitely a lot easier to go out in the summer, wear a formal kimonos, and be a little bit more casual and wear a suit,” said Lisa Leppert, a senior marketing executive at a […]

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I’m Boho, a Fashionable, Casual, & Casual Wearable Design Blog

A boho style blog, this one with over 150,000 subscribers, has recently published an interesting article on the subject of casual dresses and casual wearables.The title is a little weird, but you can get a good idea of what the site is about by looking at the images below.The blog also offers advice for designers and others interested in fashion, […]

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Man with boho traditional dress who went viral to save India’s women

जरित्यी लाचेट बद्ाना हैंली ।न ले बालर् बुदाराक् ॥॥ २॥ ने १े्।। ९ोटीचा का जासी। मे 2 कर सकाबे: जी, लटा ब दु नि पर,ल नागनगा न प्, हमी 1 के, ब,सर ै मति् क़ माता पामन् , ॆप रे sanskrit क से , साजेा स ब ो क ् दि ी ॐ ब 4 ब.कला दल, स […]

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