How to dress for a summer wedding: Boscov says formal dresses will not cut it

Boscovi is a young man with an elegant and well-defined style, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for him.He has already announced that his wedding dress will not be cut short. In an interview with La Repubblica, Boscovic declined to make a formal dress because he felt it would make him look “like a crazy person”, adding that “a formal […]

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Why You Should Never, Ever Dress Like a Poet in a Public Space

In a time of national mourning for the deaths of the American soldier, a recent survey of the literary world found that a majority of those surveyed thought the phrase “poet in dress” should be used in place of “poetic figure.”But while this has been a controversial idea in recent years, it’s not something that’s new.In the 17th century, the […]

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