Why I got a new outfit for my new job in the 1920s

I got my first formal dress at the age of 14, but the style has changed a lot since then.As I’m working in finance, I’m looking to transition to something a bit more formal, like my wedding dress, so this summer I’m going to try out the retro look.The style is classic, but it also works with my style.I’m planning […]

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What you need to know about cato and formal dress styles

Cato formal dress is a formal wear style popularized by Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbani.The dress is worn by professional athletes, celebrities, and entertainers as well as by many of today’s most popular models, including Kylie Jenner.The style’s popularity has been so strong that it has even spawned its own line of designer catos, which are a formal dress made […]

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When the world needs formal dresses

What’s in a name?When you think formal dress you think of a dress, but when you think informal dress you’re more likely to think of something else.A formal dress can have any number of styles and colours, but the most common are dark and black, or a red and white pattern.So if you’re looking for a formal dress for your […]

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