Dress is back in style: New vintage look to return to vintage in new 1930s formal dress

Traditionally, formal dresses were seen as a way to dress up, and to be stylish.Now, the new 1930’s formal dress trend is returning to vintage.In the 1930s, the traditional formal dress looked like a simple dress with a blouse and a skirt.Now the trend is to dress in a more formal way with a dress that looks like a full […]

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How to get your next wedding dress to fit your style

Tucked away in the center of this blog is an article called “How to Get Your Next Wedding Dress to Fit Your Style,” which provides instructions for the perfect wedding dress for every bride and groom in your life.The article offers two main options for getting the dress you want to wear.The first is to go to a store, like […]

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When will the new ‘mustard’ formal dress come out?

The new mustard formal dresses will be coming out this spring, and it’s the first dress that has been made with a cotton material, rather than cotton fabric and synthetic fabrics, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.The new dress will feature a patterned skirt that will wrap around the waist and have a neckline that will be shorter […]

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Why do you wear turquoise dresses?

Dresses with a turquise pattern are usually formal, flowing and made of silk or velvet.But the pattern is often not formal at all, making them fashionable for casual wear.Turquoise was designed to give a more sophisticated look to dresses, but also to blend in with the rest of the dress.There are many different styles of turquoises, from the simple white […]

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Victorian dress of the day – The Victorian dress is all about glamour and flair

Victorian formal dress was an important part of the Victorian social and political fabric.In Victorian times, formal dresses were a symbol of social status and privilege and they were often embellished with jewellery and accessories.Today, formal dress is so common in the modern world that it has become synonymous with fashion and style.The Victorian formal gown was one of the […]

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