How to style your newborn babydolls for formal and casual events?

A newborn baby’s formal and informal dress will be different in the hospital, but there are some rules to follow, says Dr. Jill Dallon, a pediatrics professor at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.“The dress you wear is really important,” Dallont says.“A formal dress that looks professional and appropriate for a baby in the operating room is not a […]

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The Top 10 Best Infant and Babydoll Dresses 2018

The top 10 favorite babydolls for 2018.Babydolls are usually designed for the mother and she can choose her own style.The dress, which will fit the average girl, has a small slit for your nipples and a full bodice with a skirt or skirtless top for the body.The cut is wide and round in the front and back, with a slit […]

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