How to dress for formal holidays?

You could have bought the dress for a formal party, but that doesn’t make it official.Here are some options to get you started.1.A formal dress, formal suit or dressy dress.The formal dress or suit is what is worn at formal events.It could be a formal dress with a bow, tie or skirt.A suit is usually a suit with pockets and […]

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What are formal wedding dresses like in Japan?

When Japanese anime and anime-inspired formal dresses first started making the news, they were hailed as the next big thing, with designers and fashion experts arguing that the trend was the next evolution in style.It was a bold move.But, in Japan, formal dress can be a big deal, as we learned last month.We asked some experts what to expect when […]

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Dresses of the Gods

Dresses worn by Goddesses are typically made of silks, and their fabrics are woven into intricate designs.In ancient times, silks were woven into traditional wedding dresses and garlands.Dresses also were often woven into robes, while in medieval times, the cloth of a gown was woven into a veil and worn by nuns as a veil.Some of the most beautiful of […]

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