When you’re not a formal girl: ’90s-inspired wedding dresses with the look you’re looking for

You can be casual, formal, or formal girl at any age, but how do you get a dress that’s not too formal and fits in with your style?And how do they fit with your body type?This article will look at what it takes to find the perfect dress for you and your body, whether you’re a casual, a formal, a […]

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What’s Your Favorite Dress? – Style.com

The formal dress trend has been a part of pop culture since the late 1960s.In fact, it is a staple in modern, trendy wear, and the dress that most often comes to mind when a woman is asked what her favorite dress is.For some women, the formal dress is a wardrobe staple.For others, it can be a wardrobe favorite.For many, […]

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