Dress is back in style: New vintage look to return to vintage in new 1930s formal dress

Traditionally, formal dresses were seen as a way to dress up, and to be stylish.Now, the new 1930’s formal dress trend is returning to vintage.In the 1930s, the traditional formal dress looked like a simple dress with a blouse and a skirt.Now the trend is to dress in a more formal way with a dress that looks like a full […]

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Fashion designer ‘unlikely’ to wear black on red-carpet event

In her first formal appearance on the red carpet, French fashion designer Christian Dior showed off her sophisticated style in a black dress with a white trim.She showed off a smart style of dark colours and bright prints in an elegant and refined way, with a crisp white shirt, white trousers and a white blazer.Dior wore the dress to the […]

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