NHL team’s annual fan convention to be held this month in D.C.

In its third year of existence, the annual Fan Expo has grown in size and scope.The convention, which kicks off with a daylong panel discussion and a presentation from the NHL’s executive committee, is scheduled to take place on Friday, Feb. 6 in Washington, D.T. The theme for the month-long event is “The Future of Hockey,” which will feature an […]

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How to dress for a summer wedding: Boscov says formal dresses will not cut it

Boscovi is a young man with an elegant and well-defined style, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for him.He has already announced that his wedding dress will not be cut short. In an interview with La Repubblica, Boscovic declined to make a formal dress because he felt it would make him look “like a crazy person”, adding that “a formal […]

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What’s Your Favorite Dress? – Style.com

The formal dress trend has been a part of pop culture since the late 1960s.In fact, it is a staple in modern, trendy wear, and the dress that most often comes to mind when a woman is asked what her favorite dress is.For some women, the formal dress is a wardrobe staple.For others, it can be a wardrobe favorite.For many, […]

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